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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
"Police and Sheriff: We need to Elect Our Denver Chief of Police and our Denver Sheriff #denverpolice, #denversheriff. #hancockfordenver, #mayorhancock #District 9 is corrupt. - Marcus Giavanni"."
Denver: Must Elect Our Police Chief and - Denver Sheriff - To Much Power  Out of Control - Michael Hancock (M)
Published April 20, 2015 2:20 AM | Updated; Sep 25, 2019 5:20 AM by Marcus Giavanni Candidate | GP7A Election News | Denver Police Chief Election | Denver Sheriff Election | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | Social Credit System China 2020 | Scores and Rankings for All | Denver has other issues | We need to elect our chief of police and our sheriff. There's too much power for Mayor Hancock | #2015 | #denverpolice - #denversheriff - #mgiavanni

City and County of Denver News: GP7A News reports that the Reelected "Denver Mayor Michael Hancock" will winning reelection for a Second Term, by "Marcus Giavanni" a "Denver Mayoral candidate  http://www.marcusgiavannifordenvermay... candidate Denver Mayor, has opened the eyes of Denver Voters. Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock does not want to face a Denver Mayoral Debate, but if we can force a runoff elections then he will have to debate in the issues.  

Legal Description: Revolutionizing Expectations: Women's Organizations, Feminism, and American nonprofit Controlling Denver Elections as a Monopoly Government. League of Woman Voter Denver.


GP7A News: Did you hear about Tape the Vote, #TapTheVote, how about Google+ Truth Algorithms, and have you, your company established Google Authority, and Google+ Authority, establishing "Google Authority Ownership" of your conversations, about you, your business, and all the great people you know, and work with. Did you know about the "Future of the City and County of Denver, Colorado" light's up for the holidays; Future Denver https://www.futuredenver.com. Who Predicted Donald Trump President, in fact who predicted Donald Trump"


Mayor: 2015 News Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni about "Mayor Michael Hancock Denver 2015"  running for "Mayoral Elections in 2015". Knowing, http://mayor2019.com/hancock-mayor.html for "Mayor of Denver in 2015".  Marcus Giavanni knows, "Kayvan Khalatbari" knowing "GP7A News: Did you hear about .... President Donald Trump Fake and Bias news out to get the President of the" United States of America.


All the Denver Voters who signed their petitions, to be official Mayoral Candidates. All Denver Voters who like Democracy of Coronation of Michael Hancock 2018. No Denver Mayoral Debates in 2015 General elections.   Why, because Denver Decides (Department in Denver),  Denver TV 8 (Department in Denver),  Denver Inc. (non-partisan and nonprofit),  League of Women Voters (non-partisan and nonprofit),  And Historic Denver (non-partisan and nonprofit). These are the Identifiers of the Monopoly Government.


These above mentioned organizations. You have all been put on notice by People For a More Pragmatic Government.  https:// -  Google+, Candidates District (9), Denver Mayoral Debates, GP7A, GP7A News, Marcus Giavanni, Marcus Giavanni (Denver Decides), League of women voters, Denver Inc, Historic Denver, Denver TV.


Who uses public donations, and federal grants, Public TV and Radio. Said No way to having a Denver Mayoral Debate.


Who are they (Denver Decides (Department in Denver), Denver TV 8 (Department in Denver), Denver Inc. (non-partisan and nonprofit), League of Women Voters (non-partisan and nonprofit), And Historic Denver (non-partisan and nonprofit).  


To override the City Charter of Denver (Denver' Constitution) and it appears that nobody cares enough to stop them???    Well wait until the election is over!


Some heads are going to court … and some non-profits who mask as non-partisan nonprofits, using public money to interfere with Denver Elections process. Good Luck Voters...we can't say you were not warned.    Go Vote Now...81% who did not...   

Incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock wants you; not to vote, not care, and to give him a $170,000 a year Pension.


Oh...he wants to thank you all for his raise.


Thank You: People For a More Pragmatic Government