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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
GP7A News: The Future of the city and county of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock 2019
GP7A News: The Future of the city and county of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock 2019

GP7A News: Future | City and County of Denver | Mayor Michael Hancock

Published Apr 22, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Mayoral Elections 2019 | Denver 

Nonpartisan vs Democratic Party Mayor of Denver | Since 1963 | 320,000 Voters Had Enough 


GP7A News: "What's the Future City and County of Denver"? Why does Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock 2019 (Seeking 3rd Term???), continue to spew the ideology, of the Democratic Party of Colorado. And the Democratic Party of Denver"?" This is what the other 320,000 Denver Registered Voters are saying on the streets, and Google Voice Indexing is fast acting, and store all conversations. For future conversations. What is Google+ Law Authority? And how does Google+ Law Authority, outrank others on Google Organic Search? 


I have spoken to thousands of voters since "2011 Denver Mayor Elections". I have spoken to thousand more Future Denver Voters. Who are sick and tired of the current Mayor Michael B. Hancock. (the city and County of Denver make it. Like everyone loves Hancock). when in fact, only 75,000 coronated Michael B. Hancock as Denver's Mayor in 2015. And again, the Nonprofit/nonpartisan political mouthpiece for the Democrat Party since 1963.


Folks, I'm not making this up. Denver Voter told me why they don't Vote, why they don't participate in the Democracy of Denver's elections. I spoke to many Democrats, who do not support Mayor Hancock's vision for Denver. And the endless fines, and settlements. That Denver Taxpayers had been paying over the last Decade.


I had promised to Denver Voters that I spoke to. I would do what I say, and I would ask Mayor Michael Hancock. The tough questions, voters had in mind for me to ask. And some Denver voters wanted to ask Mayo Hancock. To Michael Hancock face. Why things are so bad in Denver (Denver's Good" -Michael Hancock").


Thanks to League of Women Voters Colorado, League of Women Voters Denver, Inter Neighborhood Cooperation, Denver Decides, Historic Denver, Denver TV8, Downtown Denver Partnership...and many more. Not to mention all those operatives who hold key positions with the city, as employees, contractors, advisors, political PR firms., consults, contractors. #TapTheVote. -Marcus Giavanni



Note: Google Voice Indexing 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. When 2019 Denver Mayoral elections start. The conversation, and the power, and control will be 100% in the hands of the people, the citizens, the Future Denver Voters. For the other 320,000 voters are the Iron Fist. That will break the suppression chains from Denver, forever! Prayers to All. even if you don't believe, it's good to know you have a fighter, representing you. Nobody in the establishment likes, or loves. - Marcus Giavanni, Candidate for Mayor of Denver 2019.


If you want the current Bull Sh*t from our current Mayor Hancock, who has no wisdom, beyond Denver. And it's this Wisdom, Denver Mayor lacks. And why Denver is not Good. Mayor Hancock"." 


Mayor Michael Hancock..."Are you a Duck"... You won’t be able to Duck the Debate for 2nd time. And the 320,000 silent Majority, will not give donations. Will not follow their winning candidate, they will not like, or comment, on their winning candidate's social networks.


In fact, Mayor Hancock, you can raise all the money you want, and sell the same Sh*t, you have sold to Denver. Since 2011. Your Money Mayor Michael Hancock will not buy the "Denver Mayoral Election 2019, or Denver Voters.


Mayor Michael Hancock. I Marcus Giavanni, As a voter myself, and a citizen of the City and County of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580. They fact, my slow marinating content, creeping on all the conversation indexed by Google. When

voters see, not only, am I able to identify, and point out tip out the obvious. 


The best part of this adversity! I have the ideas already in conversation, and it started years ago. And you don't even know it. My code "Giavanni Code" is my seed, I have planted so that you people will never treat a person, or their family like me. Nevermore! This football game is the last you will be the mascot for. And tell your friends... 


Marcus Giavanni said..."It's much easier to turn Denver into the Hamptons, or Beverly Hills. And much harder, with loss of life. To keep Denver on the tracks it has been on since 1963. I got your backs. I don't mind handlers, I just can't be handled... PERIOD! I have visions, Mayor Hancock can't even dream about! Or my organic content, wouldn't be all over Google. "I Love Google".  Why you all giving Mayor Hancock all that Money. Stop, you're going to look stupid on election day...and get rid of "Chris Todd CTO" and "Scott Cardenas, CIO" Technology Services for Denver. They just cost you millions. And you Mayor has cost you Millions. Not to mention, foreign Investors are not investing in Denver. As they should, while you are in Control. FYI! “.”


Mayor Michael Hancock, next time a citizen, wants to speak, or meet with you. To show you, what "My Family and I have gone through from the hands of certain employees of the City and County of Denver. From your district Courts, to all the Departments needed to destroy families, and their lives, participating in the Denver's Family court system”.” Think of me…for I represent them, not me. And when I'm Mayor, I know, what powers I have, and don't have.  And it will be the future Denver Voters who want a Future. And not a witch hunt.


As for Kayvan Khalatbari, Khalatbari filed for Mayor of Denver in 2019, on February 14, 2017. That's right-on Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to "Be Part of The City You Love. And stage what seemed to be, the perfect way to show Denver you are the candidate


Boom Baby!


Yes, Lovers of Denver. I may not be the smartest guy in the room, and yes. The establishment Hates me, and yet their blindness, can't see their own conversations are slowly destroying them. 


Voters...the beautiful things about Marcus Giavanni is keeping everyone a secret. I LOVE YOU ALL! Wake up Denver Voters. For if you VOTE other than true Nonpartisan. Denver will be the Only City and County. That will be the Beacon of Light for the entire World to See!


Smarter people, see smart ideas, smart people take care of those, who are not smart. Denver has some deep Karma Debt. Many good and smart people have lost their lives, money, investments. Why Michael Hancock sits on his ass, praying. How he is going to Bull Sh*t his followers.


Well Michael, I would hate to break the News. But you only had 75,000 voters. And the true Democrat Voters, who taught me. the true ways of Denver.


I have earned my chance to shut you all down. And when I do...make sure you take Chris Todd, and Scott Cardenas with you.


More to follow for sure. -Marcus Giavanni


"Marcus Giavanni, you can't be Mayor. Your Grammar Sucks, and your Spelling Sucks, and you're the worst excuse for a human being. Take your sad ass, and stories, and get out!" Who said that???


Get ready Mayor, we're coming. And I don't have to worry about kicking in the door. For Denver Voters...will open the door for us! While you run from problems, circumvent problems. 


I on the other hand. As Mayor, my actions prove. I will run to problems, and situations, and look for problems, and situations. Just like I did with you!


I love you brother, but you got to go! NOW! but you have two years. You all had better get those 1,500 officers; your work are men in women in blue. In bad situations, when they are tired. Too much over time. For they don't get paid enough as it is. Well, that will stop on my watch. I will work to the the city council and the 11 districts, in these 154 square miles. 


Our Denver Police Department and Sheriff Department s will get raises. 25-50% and I can show you all how to pay for it. Denver will have the best security force in the world. We will need it to protect those who Live, Play, Work and Invest in Denver. 


As Mayor, If you plan to visit Denver or any of its 63 other counties that make up the borders of the beautiful state of Colorado. Welcome, just don't bring your garbage to our city. And don't takes things out of Denver that you're not supposed to. Then you have nothing to worry about the police officers in Denver in 2019.


Innovation, Love and Peace!

...want some!