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Marcus Giavanni For Denver Mayor 
Central 70 GroundBreaking Denver Colorado
Central 70 GroundBreaking Denver Colorado
Central 70: GroundBreaking Denver - Central 70 GroundBreaking - Event - August 3, 2018 - #Mayor2019 - Denver Colorado

Published Aug 3, 2018 1:54 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado | Denver | Central I-70 | GroundBreaking Denver | Central 70 Event | #Mayor2019 | Denver Colorado I-70

CDOT - Denver Colorado - - Central 70 Ground Breaking Event featuring @govhicks, Governor John Hickenlooper, @MayorHancock Michael Hancock, talks with Marcus Giavanni, @Mgiavanni, and so did Governor John Hickenlooper, spoke to “Marcus Giavanni; both men are very kind, loveable, huggable politicians. They have both reached their Peak Leadership. Not trying to be mean, or vengeful. I told them both they were very kind. But I told Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, we’ll have our time; we shook hands, and we both laughed”.”

CDOT and Rebecca White of Denver Colorado, talking about their accomplished I-70 corridor project. CDOT of Colorado. CDOT had thanked many individuals, and companies, whom all worked hard to bring the I-70 to fruition.

I caught Rebecca White (7:20 Am) before she left to the Central 70 Groundbreaking event. She had a lot to say and was very pleased. Central I-70 finally came to a head. And they have reached the Groundbreaking celebration. 

Rebecca White was very happy, and explain there were so many people involved, she could wait for the event. Rebecca White also said “the future of transportation for Colorado hit a new bar. And I hope, that the community understands, this had to be done. And we will work hard with the community. To help them understand the importance of the Central I-70 corridor project, and they should look forward to the new park”.”

More actions coming soon for … #denver, #mayor2019, #denvermayor2019, @denverteachers, #denver2019, traffic in motion. After 15 years CDOT; known as Colorado Department of Transportation in Denver Colorado. Celebrates the groundbreaking ceremony in the city and county of Denver event; hand some great burritos.

Marcus Giavanni